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The main purpose of this statistical web portal is to identify interesting combinations of individual leagues as well as past and future fixtures in the realm of sports betting (mainly football). The selection goes from simple pointers to favourites through to stats you can't find anywhere else on the web.

All details and pointers of this portal are nearly exclusively drawn from statistical facts - to a an extent something any punter wants to do, one way or other, in order to make informed decisions. The first menu item (Value tips) is based on combinations of matches found via 'data mining'. Some examples can be found under 'Ebooks'. The relevant software and more detailed information can be accessed via the Sportwetten-XXL homepage.

The following stats (Favourites 1x2/number of goals/correct score) are all based on either the most recent 10 home/away matches, or on the most recent 20 matches of the fixture's sides in the relevant competition (across seasons), i.e. the most relevant data. Some details, e.g. analysis, are available in Excel spreadsheets. Series of misses for those markets are shown as well, which might be an interesting prospect for lay bets.
The menu items 'Europe 1S/3S' on the homepage also provide a comprehensive overview of the results of individual leagues (1/x/2, number of goals, correct score). Here, you can find which leagues produce, for instance, the most away wins, or the most frequent final score of 2-1 etc.

There is also a side view to other sports such as ice hockey, basketball and handball, where interesting combinations of goals are being calculated. The web portal is complimented by interesting betting strategies including their analysis' as well as a massive odds archive of the betting exchange Betfair.

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